iVAC Pro Tool HP

Connect high powered tools to your iVAC Dust Collection Control System

The iVAC Pro Tool HP allows high powered tools to be connected to the iVAC Pro System. High Power tools are those that have high start up surge currents or require more than 20 Amps of operating current. This also includes power tools that operate at voltages above 230Vac or are wired for three phase operation. Examples of high power tools may include:
  • cabinet saws
  • wood shapers
  • large bed planers and jointers
iVAC Pro Tool HP dust collection control for high powered toolsThe iVAC Pro Tool HP detects the power tool status by means of a probe that clips on to one of the current carrying wires to the power tool. The iVAC Pro Tool HP is powered from a UL/CSA approved AC adaptor.

Each iVAC Switch can accommodate up to 8 iVAC Pro Tool HP units. The range for radio communications between the iVAC Pro Tool HP and the iVAC Pro Switch is forty feet.

iVAC Pro Tool HP dust collection control for high powered tools

If you’re doing large scale or industrial woodworking, chances are you have high powered equipment in your shop. Now you have options, with iVAC Pro Tool HP.


  • Powered from AC Adaptor
  • Programmable Tool and Switch Addresses
  • Three Modes of operation – Auto, Off and On
  • Wireless operation

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